KUBE Registration is open to all practitioners of all types of kinesiology.
How do you know if a kinesiologist listed on the web
is for real?
Unless they are certified by The KUBE, you don't.

The KUBE maintains a directory of Registered Kinesiologists (RK's), whose kinesiological training has been verified by The KUBE. Registered Kinesiologists are easily identified by The KUBE logo or the letters "RK" in their listings in The Database of Kinesiology. The accuracy of listings on the web cannot be guaranteed by Kinesiologists United unless they have been certified by The KUBE.

The KUBE verifies the training of kinesiologists listed on the Web so you don't have to. It does this only at the request and expense of the practitioners themselves. This is done independently for maximum security.

Kinesiologists who wish to be registered with The KUBE must do so through their Kinesiologists United Member Area.

The KUBE is a verification service, not a traditional Board of Examiners. The KUBE does not set educational, license, or practice standards for any specific form of kinesiology, or for the profession as a whole. There are so many different forms of kinesiology that there is no agreement on minimum requirements for the profession. The KUBE can only verify, to the best of its ability, whether or not any claimed training can be reasonably documented. The KUBE cannot warrant or guarantee the quality of care offered by any of the practitioners whose credentials it verifies.